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Expeditionary force 1/32 Toy soldiers

Never heard of them , but while looking for Strelets new sets saw them on Drum and flag`s site, some stuff that 1/32 guys have been begging for for years, Scots Greys , life guards , etc etc nine sets all Nappy Brits and all look very good, sadly no nearer finding Strelets stuff though.

Re: Expeditionary force 1/32 Toy soldiers

Hi Alan - The new Strelets stock is due to arrive with me next week. Expeditionary Force do a pretty big range and it's growing all the time - 60mm Romans & Gauls up next. Rupert

Re: Expeditionary force 1/32 Toy soldiers

E.F is like strelets in 1/32.every few months they release like 4 to 5 new sets.
at 30 usd a set i would have been bankrupt by now,had i bought the sets i wanted to from i have to pick and choose so i can grab all the strelets i want,lol.

if i were you alan,id stay away from there site.they have some very good zulu war sets.

Re: Expeditionary force 1/32 Toy soldiers

Thanks Tom, I was until now blissfully ignorant of that, now I just have to go and look.......if this costs me you will be held accountable:laughing: :laughing:

Re: Expeditionary force 1/32 Toy soldiers

Their price point is the issue - they are scarily expensive for so few figures. And they seem to be just that bit too large to fit existing 54mm figures.

So I am tempted, but somehow doubt I will ever actually buy any.

Shame, as tehy do a great range of interesting subjects

Re: Expeditionary force 1/32 Toy soldiers

the scale of their ranges vary up and down for sure.but as a for instance their greek range matches up with contes larger having persian sets from them to match up is nice as there are no other persians available from conte or anyone else.

thanks strelets for letting us discuss other things.

Re: Expeditionary force 1/32 Toy soldiers

They are lovely figures but sadly they tend to be much larger than the figures of other companies; even those that do not purport to be 60mm...