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Re: Question?

I am happy that France will face Croatia. If the final was France vs England, I would support England of course... but now I am with the French, they deserve the CUP !!
But let us focus to our question...
Well, Mr Strelets?

Re: Question? 4th

At the risk of upsetting Zirrian.....

4th is a creditable effort. I know England is disappointed but this may be the start of something new & better.

Well done.

Re: Question?

Yes, I agree with Alan...
I am ready for at least 10 items and I am waiting and waiting...
Show some mercy, mr Strelets... :face_with_thermometer:

Re: Question?

Hopefully Strelets' silence last Friday was a sign they are busy unloading our much anticipated newest releases from the cargo ship.

Cup or no Cup - "Go Strelets - Bring them on!"

Re: Question?

Hi Mr strelets I two would like to know when the new sets are due out or failing that even a list of what's sets are being released next please.

Re: Question?

Argh, ******* stop with this football bull**** already

Re: Question?

Can not post anything about F''''''''l as I promised Zirrian but would like to know when the new sets will be appearing.