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Re: Toy Soldier HQ

Does anyone know if they are still in business? I just noticed no new sets have been posted since March 14. Thanks for any info. Tried to message a while back but got no answer. Cappy
I use Kent's services all the time and have for over 25 years. He still maintains his personal online store front as well as a new eBay presence. I use both. He's a good man.

You can find his store front site on PSR.

eBay, just put in some figures like Caesar WWII and he'll pop up, too!

Re: Toy Soldier HQ

Thanks Garrison! I have done business with Kent in the past and was a little concerned. Not seeing any new sets listed in 4 months made me wonder if all is well. Cappy

Re: Toy Soldier HQ

I know what you mean. He's really good about updates, though, so when Strelets releases their new batch of sets, that'll change. :-)

Re: Toy Soldier HQ

Kent is on Facebook toy soldier groups all the time.

I have purchased from him and he was alive and well very recently.

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