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Re: Wot No Friday Eye Candy

Whats all this about Football the Super Bowl was in February and the Philadelphia Eagles won (sob Sob) But do not worry Steve H keep the faith The New England Patriots will win next year.
Johnny, We need Edelman back. That way in next years Super Bowl he can invite the Commishoner up for a fake handshake and smile like he was forced to do with Brady after his deflate gate failure. What a shumck. BTW, Brady went to my H.S., Serra. I say mine because I'm older and went there first! Oh, and go 1/72! Cheers

Re: Wot No Friday Eye Candy

Since always, I am with England, although I am Greek. But Harry Kane isn't enough I think. For now on England needs also a Spit Fire...:sweat_smile:

Re: Wot No Friday Eye Candy

England just passed !!! Hooray...

Re: Wot No Friday Eye Candy

its coming home, its coming home football's coming home.
(apologies to any Russian or Swedish fans out there)