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Re: real disappointment :(

I totally agree, they should have released them as a single sprue set which could have been cheaper and which would sell better.

This company did this with their Napoleon French infantry i bought lots and lots of the first two sets they released only to find that to get the really nice command figures I had to purchase more of the first two sets, probably the first time i have not finished a purchase of a particular set. They also have very poor quality control as some sets have inconsistency's with pose numbers and packaging.

Sorry for the rant as they are really nice figures and have lots of that company's stuff but we are not here to be ripped off.

I love their lancers, Highlanders and foot dragoons, but sometimes i feel we are being taken for mugs.

On a happier note well done to England in the footie, Gareth Southgate is a real gentleman and I wish him and his team well. One day the tartan army will be back and get to do another world tour.

Re: real disappointment :(

Gentlemen I take your point, they could have given us more here. Perhaps something along the lines of the Napoleonic mounted officers set which gave us an excellent Orange, Picton and Brunswick and a good number of individual officers.

But I'm comparing this set to the Italeri Prussian staff set. In terms of decent mounted Prussian staff officers in bicorns there's six times as many in this set, plus you get 2 generic officers in shako and 2 generic officers in schirmutz cap. While it's fair to say that I don't need two more Bluchers (I already have two or three, or more if you count the Airfix officer), I think this figure should be convertable into something useful. And there's no filling out the space with extra figures you either already have enough of or didn't want in the first place, which is a really irritating aspect of the Italeri set even though some of the spare horses have been useful for mounting some of Strelets unmounted figures. Maybe it could be better but I think this is quite a nice set and I'd be happy to buy it even at the high prices Waterloo 1815 sets seem to cost here.

I would love Strelets to do a mounted Prussian personality set that covered the hundred days, I used a Strelets figure to convert to a mounted Bulow and the head of another Strelets figure to convert a mounted Gneisenau but I,m short of the other Corps commanders. I could use some Netherlands officers like Perponcher, Saxe-Weimar, Bylandt and Constant Rebeque too.:wink:

Allan. We need Scotland in The World Cup, they always get stuck in and have a go and put on a real show for the spectators. And I'm happy to see this current England team doing the same.

Re: real disappointment :(

Strelets has the correct formula - A set of Famous Personalities on horseback and another on foot. Or a Big Box addition containing lots of fun poses, like the Crimean Range containing Famous Personalities and some extra accessories like a table with a map on it to make a nice little scene.

Re: real disappointment :(

That’s a good call Graeme, the majority being ‘generic’ figures will/would make them more useful. I’d prefer 12 separate personalities, but they may be more useful than my first impression lead me to think.
They certainly make some lovely sets, as Allan points out, the lancers and foot dragoons are ‘top drawer’, Waterloo line officers excellent and Poles good (alhough now bettered by Strelets)