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Love those Romans Ian

Superb contribution Mr Denyer. Is it a wargame or diorama? Either way it looks great!

Re: Love those Romans Ian

Couldn't agree more, splendid work Mr Denyer!

Re: Love those Romans Ian (& Strelets)

Bravo Ian Denyer! Beautiful project and all your painstaking work is paying off by sharing your skills and winning our admiration.

Your painting of Reds and Silvers and White colors just make me just freeze and stare. I also especially like your battlefield hospital set up!

And thank you Strelets for recreating and giving us the most awesome soft plastic Range of Roman Wars sets. I've got them all.

Re: Love those Romans Ian (& Strelets)

Totally agree - a superb diorama all around from the painting, the staging, and scenery. Real eye candy.