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Re: Look, week-end is approaching!

Alex m
Strelets already do winter war Finns !!
Yes but I want some in Strelets new super style
I'm happy with the old style...painting those miniatures just now. A second set with heavy weapons and more riflemen would be welcomed however ;) An MG with loader, a mortar with 2-3 crew, an AT rifle and some riflemen...or maybe a third set for artillery, with a 75mm howitzer and some crew, like with the Japanese arty sets.

I like when there's an infantry and a heavy weapons box, especially when it comes to subjects not widely available in metal. For the Winter War Russians, Combat/Stonewall does nice metal packs that fit the style, but for Finns, there aren't many options there. You have the Eureka figures, the older Warmodelling line, and really, that's it, none of them really fitting the Strelets style.

But back on the topic - wonder what this gentleman is, he appears to be a winter Serb, but we'll see.

Re: Look, week-end is approaching!

My problem is I do not like the old chunky style figures and I think they do not look right or fit in with my other figures. Also there is my painting I try for a Leonardo da Vinci look but end up nearer to Picasso and that's with good figures. I can see the problem of issuing new sets that will not fit in with the old ones so that why I keep asking for a new look remake of Winter War Finns. My hope is Mr Strelets will get so fed up with me he will make them to shut me up, (and not ban me from the Forum) Good luck with the painting may be you can post some pics when their done.
PS WW2 American Artillery and Anti Tank guns also wanted.

Re: Look, week-end is approaching!

French artillery crew to go with the two guns, though these crew are later war would also pass for Serbians or indeed any French equipt troops:wink: