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Re: Plastic seems a dirty word now

The problem is that plastic is not being sensibly recycled in many countries and I dont think recycling a few figure sprues is going to make a lot of difference... Its possible where I am to recycle pretty much everything, we dont have more then one bin of actual rubbish for the tip per year, paper, plastic, glass, organic etc etc all gets recycled...

Anyway why not plant some trees whilst browsing the internet... it may help to placate a guilty concience.... and at least the air can get better...


Re: Plastic seems a dirty word now

Where I live all the plastic, except black is accepted for recycling as they have a processing plant that can separate out the different grades. Plus if they could sort out the loony element of the environmentalists we could use any that couldn't be recycled as fuel.

Re: Plastic seems a dirty word now - "No Deposit; No Return"

Aren't we victims of our own processes?

In an effort to mechanize and streamline our packaging for the sake of convenience, the end result is no one is responsible for the everlasting result - trash. Companies have developed p.e.t. bottles for pretty much all non-alcoholic beverages. And beer and wine bottles are disposable also.

Without getting too deep, it's really too bad bottles don't have a deposit value anymore, not here anyway. We as kids walked the route to the supermarket picking up all the bottles the drivers tossed out their windows, took them to the supermarket, and any cashier counted out or deposits and gave us cash, we then turned that into HERSHEY Chocolate or Payday candy bars. We cleaned the roadways for free!

I also miss the milk man delivery. Fresh and cold milk on your porch. Funny isn't it. Now 60 years later supermarkets have "Order On'line; we deliver." And Millenials go, "Wow, home delivery. What a great new idea!"

The real crime here in the U.S. is, China last week announced they were no longer accepting our ocean tanker loads of recycleable trash because they've decided to clean up their own backyards (actually they have state of the art recycling centers, apparently) and have enough of their own garbage without ours. So, now that W...M... finally distributed new "Recycling Cans", rumor has it both cans may have to be combined and dumped into landfills.

Why aren't we the worlds leaders in recycling and reusables? It's not the faults of Millenials. It started with my generation. I guess it started back in my old days with - "No Deposit; No Return"

Re: Plastic seems a dirty word now

Plastic from plastic models is a drop in the ocean compared to the major plastic product. Plastics like antibiotics are essential but misused products.

The problem is that manufactures always know best and unfortunately, too many politicians in the UK scream 'nappy state' the moment people suggest banning unnecessary products like free plastic bags, excessive packaging , plastic straws and plastic coffee cups from the leading coffee shops etc.

Unfortunately the environment will always play second fiddle when profits are concerned for the big intentional companies.

Re: Plastic seems a dirty word now

Yes but the worst thing is it can be recycled but we only recycle something like 15% We or more like own children will pay for this folly.