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Why not? Naval wargaming

Strelets seems to be in a good place at the moment. They've always been prolific but the quality of their sculpts combines with output to make them, arguably, the current king of 1/72 figures.

I would think, as a successful business, Strelets has an eye on new worlds to conquer.
Up to now, this has been a new period eg the Arab Revolt etc. However, I am going to suggest they really move into new territory: that of making model naval ships for wargaming.

Such models are what are called 'waterline'. They sit on a surface as if they were afloat because everything beneath the 'plimsoll line' is missing.

Ships are big and traditional models generally quite complicated. But because these would be for wargaming I would suggest using something like 1/1200th or 1/1250th scale. This means vastly simplified models but also models small enough that a game using fleets could be placed on a reasonably sized surface.

The period(s) are a question. Ships from the Age of Sail are a possibility (but may be a little complex) but I'd suggest more modern vessels. WW1 seems an ideal period though I think the Victorian period (largely for 'what if' encounters) or WW2 would be possibilities also.

Battleships, cruisers, submarines, destroyers......lots of models would be needed. Painting them, compared to painting figures, would be easy & the "terrain" needed would be not much more than a blue cloth. Indeed, Strelets could even publish their own, simple wargame rules. Could you picture a Strelets' box set of 'The Battle of Jutland'?

I realise several of the readership will not be interested. Could I suggest that rather than simply trash the idea they consider the viability of it? I should add I am not a naval the moment. At any rate, it's an idea.

Re: Why not? Naval wargaming

I would love to see small 1:72 scale boats for the Napoleonic period, I mean by that small launches that could come with Naval crew or empty to show troops being unloaded

pretty sure they could be used for landing troops up to World War One say to cover Anzac landings or other earlier campaigns. I also thing even earlier periods could find uses for small sailing boats.

No such thing as a bad suggestions so lets give our opinions and hopefully one day they will be realized.



Re: Why not? Naval wargaming

I'd rather Strelets stick to what they do best which are figurines, especially since they are making the finest ones on the market now. Be a shame they waste resources on boats and vehicles when there are already heaps on the market from companies that do that exclusively. You can go to PSR's resources section and find all the scale waterline boats you need for Nappy.

Hat made vehicles then spun them off as a separate company. They also looked into the viability of waterline boats from that high density foam, actually made some tests, like what Conte Collectibles does, and that went nowhere.

I'd like to see Strelets make Napoleonic Sailors and Commanders. Lots of possibilities there still untapped there, plus another zillion figurine ranges yet to be done.

Re: Why not? Naval wargaming

Unusual for a model company not to diversify themselves out of existence. I think Airfix in their "diversify " days were making mantlepiece ornaments in kit form of birds.

Unlike the aircraft they didn't look like the real thing. I see real Blue-tits every day. Haven't a clue how well they sold. The best and biggest was the 1/1 scale Little Owl and as the name says it was a small owl.

Re: Why not? Naval wargaming

I would recommend 1/3000 scale ships or similar size with General Quarters Rules:

Larger scales create problems with range and movement...

Theres a numbers of vendors Navwar, Davco and others, try shapeways as well... you can get pretty much everything of any significance Predreadnought, WW1, WW2, Modern in this scale....


Why not? Naval Wargaming

If Strelets is going to do ships, then they need to make products that complement their 1/72nd scale figures not compete with it. Airfix sold birds but that did not help their figure line any. Airfix sold 1/72nd scale tanks and people purchased more figures.

There are already many companies that make wargame ships in 1/1200 and 1/2400 scale and 1/3000 scale. Adding another company to that mix won't help anyone.

I agree, if Strelets is going to make ships, make then in 1/72nd scale. Small launches would great, and other vessels no bigger than fifty fee or so that can be used in land based miniature wargame. Even a few river craft from the ACW or from WWII might be useful too.

To start, Strelets could make more Navy figures. Their WWII US Navy is a great start, but we could use so many more sailors. Deep sea divers, submarine crews to man the existing Revell U-boats and Gato class submarines would be awesome. ACW US Navy would be terrific too. The US Navy in the ACW made land attacks, and also in WWII. The German Navy in WWII landed shore parties as well.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
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Re: Why not? Naval Wargaming

Airfix sold birds etc as an attempt to reach a female/non-military market. The fact they ultimately failed had far more to do with global economic conditions and the rise of alternative hobbies (predominately electronica)

Strelets should stick to figures. How many waterline 1/1200 ships would they sell?

Re: Why not? Naval Wargaming

Airfix sold birds etc as an attempt to reach a female/non-military market. The fact they ultimately failed had far more to do with global economic conditions and the rise of alternative hobbies (predominately electronica)

Strelets should stick to figures. How many waterline 1/1200 ships would they sell?
I agree Strelets have found there market with 1/72 scale plastic figures, they excel at designing & making plastic figures & have hordes of customers waiting on their new sets why would strelets deviate from a known lucrative product for a highly risky jump in to the unknown.
(just noticed the word strelets is accepted without Correction great news)