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Re: Japanese Paras?

...I totally agree. Millions of Chinese fought during ww2 (nationalists and communists) and only one set all and all. It is a shame!!!

Re: Japanese Paras?

Totally agree however the one Chinese set available is pretty good but what is the point of bring out more WW2 German sets that are to put it nicely below the normal standard. I am very happy with the new high grade Strelets FFL and Arab sets that finally replace the 40 year old Airfix sets and hope Strelets sell a huge amount of these great sets. A further point, still after all these years no WW2 American artillery or anti tank guns apart from a few mountain guns and a poor anti tank gun set. For me it is quite sad that only Strelets are making new sets that I want and buy the other companies do not come any where close to Strelets in their ranges or their standards. Good for Strelets but in the long run bad for the hobby

Re: Japanese Paras?

What is up with all the Japanese Paratroops? One campany makes a set & all of a sudden EVERYBODY has to make a set! OK, yeah, I know, a gross exaggeration! But seriously; 3 sets; & another on the way, for troops that barely played a part, when so many other troops that did play a big part are neglected or under developed. Why?

Nuff said?