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Re: Tank Crew Resource in General

The information in this thread is of great use to me and the bit about Kaiser miniatures was certainly food for thought. Pity they cannot produce some of their original projects like the Dutch WW2 troops!

Usually I stick to WW1 (Strelet are spoiling us with the Arab sets!) or early WW2 (Still no sets of Early WW2 BEF!) Western allied subjects but I want to build a lend-lease Valentine III or IX. Its interesting that when the British/Canadians wanted to stop producing the Valentine the Red Army stepped in asked for the production line to continue.

PSC have produced the Valentine in 15mm (Mks II, III, IX) and will be shortly scaling up to 1/72.(why has it taken so long considering that you can get upteen models of fantasy tanks that never appeared?).

I am on the look out for soviet tank crews. Which set of tank riders would you suggest are the most realistic as it was a common practice with the Red Army?
If it's tank riding infantry you are after, the hard plastic Preiser are perfect while the soft plastic H#T are fair, cheap and readily available.

If it's tank crews, see

For some reason, the hard plastic Preiser sets do not show up in that list, e. g.