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Big box restock

Hi I’ve looked but could not see anything on this topic,
I was wondering if they will restock/ re-issue a couple of there big box sets
Set 907
Imperial Roman Legion 1
Set 910
Hastings 1066: Norman Army
Been looking for them for a little while with no joy so wondering if they will release them again.
Any help much appreciated

Re: Big box restock

I think a lot of people are interested in the big box sets or at least the unique figures that came with them. I suspect that there might be a problem with molds and them possibly being worn out but if Strelets were able to release boxes of the unique figures from their big box sets I reckon they'd make a killing. The one that I think would go like hot cakes is the medieval Britain unique set. Is there a technical problem with doing a production run of the unique sets within the earlier big boxes Strelets?

Re: Big box restock


at the moment re-stocks of Big Box sets isn't planned for a foreseeable future.
We are pre-occupied with other new projects and may return to those sets some time in future.

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Re: Big box restock

That’s a shame but I understand and would be great to see them and the medieval set as well.
That said looking forward to your new sets keep up the great work and thank you for the quick response