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Re: Well Hello Its Friday

10 or 20 pound Parrott rifle I guess.

A very reasonable & useful addition to Strelets constantly growing ACW range.

Thanks for sharing this great preview and keep up your good work! :+1:

Re: Well Hello Its Friday

Hopefully we will get a few guns for the Napoleonic period soon, WWII, WWI, ACW and surely Napoleonic's will be next in line.

Great to see that our thoughts are being listened too and then getting turned into reality.

Re: Well Hello Its Friday

A very useful addition, I think only Italeri had some oversized parrots in 1/72? But I'm still waiting for the heavy siege artillery, which we haven't seen in 1/72 plastic yet.

Re: Well Hello Its Friday

Also we need big gun crews, soldiers moving the gun, loading, picking ammo from the limber etc and dressed in shell jackets not sack coats!

Re: Well Hello Its Friday

But I'm still waiting for the heavy siege artillery, which we haven't seen in 1/72 plastic yet.

Apart from the well-known Italeri siege mortar, of course, but don't let that stop you misleading even if you do mention their Parrot gun.

All been done before - not quite as much as WW2 Germans and Nappy Brit and French intantry - but still as equally yawn-worthy and unimaginative.

Strelets are at their most interesting when they stick to their original precepts and yet combine it with their new-found figure anatomy knowledge:

"we consider our products as complimentary to the products of the major brands...Strelets*R was founded in 1998 to fill the gaps in the figure market that had previously had to be filled with conversions by collectors themselves."

Love all the new subjects, Strelets but not all this boring old tripe unless you are going the "Caesar way" and using the money from producing populist sets for those of limited knowledge and imagination to finance the occasional new and original thing :grinning:

Re: Well Hello Its Friday

kudos to strelets for being thorough in covering a period like this.
i too would love to see some siege artillery pieces for this period.aip made some nice sets in 1/32,but no large guns like those in 1/72 yet.

Re: Well Hello Its Friday


Re: Well Hello Its Frida

Everyone has different views about what is exciting and should be allowed to express their opinions without been ridiculed for their views.
Strelets do a better job than any other manufacturer of trying to please everybody with their range of products & should be commended not criticised for releasing a commercial product now & then.
Strelets need to make a a profit or they will go out of business & that won't help anybody build their armies, we don't want Strelets to go the way of esci

Re: Well Hello Its Friday

Great to see another important type of ordnance for the American Civil War Strelets to add to the Whitworth that was the topic of a 'Friday teaser' earlier in the year.

Existing sets only provide Parrotts (not as well modelled as this fine example) and average looking Napoleons and possibly attempts at the 3" ordnance. Set 6032 from Italeri added the mortar (and a gattling gun--not used in the war), but it has been out of production for some time.

Hopefully you plan to produce the Napoleon and 3" ordnance rifle to the same quality as this one, with 20 and 30 pdr Parrotts and siege mortars to follow!

Thanks again for your continued production of interesting, creative and needed sets across a range of periods. Something for everyone and everything for some! :)

Re: Well Hello Its Friday

Another exciting photo - well done Strelets. The range of ACW and WW1 sets under development will keep me happy and busy for a long time.

Re: Well Hello Its Friday

Welcome news indeed; we definitely need some good, properly attired (uniformed doesn't seem to apply when the "dogs" are working their guns) cannoneers in other than the typical and bland three or four poses. And please, limit (or eliminate) the officer with field glasses - much overdone. At least have them (if you must) holding the glasses with both hands.