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Re: The Grilling of Mr Strelets

Dear Misteredd,

they won't order that much.

Best regards,


Re: The Grilling of Mr Strelets


1. we made few sets on order of Linear-B, however they committed to take a whole production run in excess of 1.500 boxes. So, although in theory, the answer is "yes", in reality it's just too much for any individual to digest, hence, pretty unlikely.
2. never (it doesn't depend on money, really. We are collectors and history connoisseurs ourselves and we make what we want to see done in plastic).
3. artillery crews without cannons don't seem too appealing to us. Having said that, nothing prevents us from making ones together with some cannons.


Thank you for this really excellent and informative reply and I fully support your desire to pursue your own hobby interests whilst also keeping a viable business going. In the same position I would do exactly the same. Don't ever change that :)

On point 3, perhaps think about how that might still work within your defining principles. In recent artillery sets I've seen some very nice crew figures in small numbers alongside some huge cannons I have no interest in and will throw in the bin if I ever buy them which I won't as they are too expensive just for the figures.

You won't like this but that "other manufacturer we shall not name" made crew-only sets and I purchased lots to be used with many different guns in different periods with conversion. They've even just released an old set of British marines and sailors without the cannons I don't want at a much lower price so I finaly bought them.

I have bought many WW2 Japanese and Italian sets over the years. Not because I have any interest in WW2 but because I can easily convert them to the Spanish Civil War - once I've thrown all the stupid SMGs, LMGs and big cannons into the bin. :disappointed:

Re: The Grilling of Mr Strelets

Dear Strelets,

many thanks for the reply, you being responsive makes such a difference compared to other manufacturers.

Your business your strategy of course, but I think having separate gun crews would fit your general idea well: Just like offering the marching / advancing / firing line sets for infantry, modular artillery sets with separate crews and guns would give the customer the choice of building any army in the proportions he likes.

There are many gun kits that have been in need of decent crews for decades, and hopefully you will continue to add to your artillery kit range, so there clearly is a market for gun crews (admittedly smaller than for infantry or cavalry).

If you decide otherwise, combining sprues of existing artillery crew sets (without the guns) would help as well.

WW1 early German, WW2 U. S. and British gun crews would be on top of my list. Regards, Pa

Re: The Grilling of Mr Strelets

Personally I am very happy that Strelets make guns with crews and am looking forward to
all the artillery sets in the pipeline . There are still plenty of gaps to fill for artillery pieces and crews for 19th century as well as WW1 and WW2 and its great to see Strelets filling these.