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Re: PSR News—didn't I see a list?

Thanks all for your answers.
Yesterday there was a thread at this forum about may new releases which confirm PSR post. But it disappeared.
What caught my attention was that Strelets still had not shown the masters of some of the sets that appeared in the May list.

Re: PSR News—didn't I see a list?

hi guys,

I posted the question that was about the general staff set 2 being reissued and the list appeared shortly after. I am slightly relieved as my bank account was about be get slammed so hopefully sets will be released at a slower pace giving my war games fund time to recover.

so it looks like a great year ahead and Santa will be busy for us all. Sorry I mentioned Santa coming we have not even had a spring in Scotland


Re: PSR News

Well, I hope it wasn't FAKE NEWS !!!

Paul K.:camera_with_flash: :movie_camera: :sleuth_or_spy: