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Re: Old Guard at ease...

More great Napoleonic figures even better as they are an easy paint as their all wearing greatcoats.
I would say it is the great man himself & I believe he appears in the at attention set as well, talking of this set I'm hoping its in the new releases that are hopefully going to appear in May Or June.

Re: Old Guard at ease...

The one figure certainly could be Napoleon, with his tall boots, vest, great coat and hat and crossed arms. Although I don't care, but standing next to his personal Old Guard, those men were known to be of his tallest and broadest and most experienced men. Here he is essentially right in there with them height wise. I also think the Napoleon figure with the Standing at Attention set waving his hat and with his other hand behind his back might be closer in scale. But he'll always be a giant to me! I hope some day Strelets gives us a Napoleon with his hand tucked under his shirt - Classic Napoleon.

Another great set by The Strelets Team!

Re: Old Guard at ease...

Worth buying that set just for the Emperor in that pose alone.

However - the Old Guard were big men in even bigger hats, and old Boney was a bit of a short arse, is the model not a bit too tall?

Just asking.

I think it is another stunning set Strelets, can't wait to get my grubby hands on them.

Re: Old Guard at ease...

This could be on the eve of Austerlitz !

Re: Old Guard at ease...

Here is a link to my favorite image of Napoleon standing with his hand in his shirt, and hat and greatcoat. This is one I'd like to see Strelets make of him while they are doing the Napoleonic Wars. He looks so serious; perfect for on the battlefield:

Re: Old Guard at ease...

Nice masters but I prefer action poses. So one box maximum for me for this kind of pose.

Re: Old Guard at ease...

I look and think if only some of the Crimean figures like the stumpig set also Guards M029 were to this standard.

Re: Old Guard at ease...

Is it "nitpicking" to agree that Boney needs a shrinking? Otherwise a superb set.

Considering that the "Old Guard" got their reputation as "The Invincibles" because they usually spent most of their time in the rear waiting to be used makes them extremely useful IMHO. Not to mention, the old US Army saying, "Hurry Up and Wait" seems to have been the lot of the footsoldier since time began no matter which Army, era, or war... Bring them on, I say.

Re: Old Guard at ease...that old height argument

Don't forget that the myth of "Napoleon the short" was just that, created by the British press and spread widely at the time; and through the ages.
At 169 cm (or 170 cm, depending on rounding of the conversion), Napoleon was average to slightly above average height compared with the Frenchmen of his time. The min. requirements for entry to the Grenadiers of the Guard was 176 cm.
I reckon I can see the 0.8333 mm difference in these masters!:)
Of course, that is against the min. requirements, so some guardsmen would have been taller (as they are in these masters). We know from Coignet's memoir that he "cheated the test" using the old paper in the shoes trick (he also got around the literacy requirements for promotion, learning 'on the job'). The officer beside the Great Man may well be him or another of his ilk!