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Re: The Colors

those are great looking masters. I'd prefer that the sculptor put any one of the appropriate patterns on the flags. Then both non-painters and painters could choose whether to cut it off and replace with paper flags.

Re: The Colors

AWESOME pose !!!
Thank you once again STRELETS !
It's a good choice to get inspired by the famous American artists like Keith ROCCO, Mort KUNTSLER, an Don TROIANI.
GarrisonClay is right too about the painting or paper flag option.
According to my painting skills I shall surely choose the paper flag option...
Yes thanks again STRELETS and go on with such your wonderful creativity !

Re: The Colors

May I add my kudos and thanks for a superb figure and alteration. Well done.

Re: The Colors

A great relief to know this issue of crucial significance has been handled in such a masterly manner. :laughing:

To be honest, the two figures are incredibly authentic & realistic.
Extremely well conceived and realised. Already a small scene itself, many ACW buffs will undoubtedly put these figures to good use.

That said, I hope the original casualty pose will still be included in one of Strelets upcoming CSA sets?! :wink: