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Re: can we have Ancient Preview this Friday?

Dear Andy,

for most of the people on the street, this may seem an ancient staff:

Re: can we have Ancient Preview this Friday?

Skoda 42cm?

Re: can we have Ancient Preview this Friday?

Skoda 42cm?
Quite sure you‘ve identified the correct type, Buddy. :+1:
To be more precise, it seems to be the 42cm Autohaubitze M16.
The 42cm Küstenhaubitze (M14, M16 or M17 variants), originally intended to serve as coastal gun, was one of the heaviest & most potent WWI guns in general.
It saw service during the long Battle of Galicia and at the serbian & italian fronts.
At least one surviving gun (one of the few M17 specimen) was utilised by the Wehrmacht during WWII and besieged the Maginot Line, Leningrad & Sevastopol.

Strelets understandably decided to reproduce the model without the round turntable carriage & armored dome of the early M14 variant often depicted on WWI images. Instead they rightly opted for the way more numerous & better moveable M16 version.

The austro-hungarian WWI artillery arsenal will receive considerable heavy & super heavy reinforcements from Strelets.
Hope that both guns will be operated by as many early war austro-hungarian crew as possible?

Once more, I suggest Strelets should consider to produce their artillery kits in hard plastic.
It seems an unfortunate wastage of valuable effort & resources, when the final kits fail to deliver a decent standard of detail and don‘t fit together satisfyingly. :thinking_face:

Anyway, thanks for yet another great friday preview and keep up the good work. :+1: