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Re: confederate skirmishers

It is a fantastic looking set - I get the feeling that ACW will feature in my wargaming in the future.

However - the soldier lying on the flag/colour - wouldn't happen.

Well, maybe momentarily, but someone would have picked it up as quickly as they could. To let your colours lie in the mud and the blood etc was anathema. They're your honour and your recall point. Far better a figure bravely and boldly brandishing said colours amidst the flying lead.

Of all the standard bearers ever made by plastic soldier manufactuerers this is the one set that needs a amn waggling his flag about.

Re: confederate skirmishers

Lovely figures !
Very good poses !
What a quality progress STRELETS since your very first sets !
The figures are full of life. Except may be the dead one lying on his flag...
I like the one providing ammunition to his prone mate, just like in the "last rounds" color plate.
Congrats Strelets.
(Long to see them)

Re: confederate skirmishers

Wow! I waited years for the dismounted cavalry skirmishing. And now this. Thank you, Strelets. Bring on the firing lines and I'll be a truly happy chappie. :relaxed:

Re: confederate skirmishers

I have to agree; ditch the pose of the troop lying on the colors; no soldier with any honor would let his colors stay on the ground. I don't mind the dead man pose, just need to take him off the colors.

Re: confederate skirmishers

Before this “fallen soldier defiles the flag with his guts“ issue escalates into a transnational 1/72 scandal, I suggest to treat the “improper“ victim in an hobby-typical manner.
Strelets figures are usually made in easy to handle soft plastic, so you don‘t need to be a veteran neurosurgeon to cut away the unwanted “defamatory“ plastic. Otherwise the incensed flag preservationist could cover the ground with vegetation or other terrain features.

People keep constantly asking for casualty poses, here we finally receive one.
Thank you Strelets! :+1:

No need to exaggerate this detail into a matter of “honour“, “national pride“ or similarly absurd debates. :face_with_rolling_eyes:

Btw, if in need for ACW standard-bearers, no worries, Strelets just released plenty of them within their steadily growing corresponding range. :wink: :+1:

Re: confederate skirmishers

I can only speak for myself, but I'm not as incensed as trying to make a hopefully constructive suggestion and explain why the suggestion. It is, as I've said, a beautiful set and the entire range one I intend to scoop up as soon as I'm ready to dive back into the ACW in 1/72 scale. I had just about given up on it.

I am grateful to Strelets for this range and yes, we can scrape the flag off. But if there is time to make a change, would it not be better to make it now, before full production? Either way, it's a great set and great addition to the hobby.

I apologize for any misunderstanding of my intent.

Re: confederate skirmishers

Nope! Don't remember my post being about honour or national pride either. It was merely a suggestion on how to make a great set even better.