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Re: Prussian infantry on the march

I have to agree; all the images I've seen of Prussians show the haversack worn on the left side/over the left buttock. Otherwise, these are beautiful-looking figures and I can't wait to get half a dozen or more boxes. Thanks strelets!

Re: Prussian infantry on the march

Once again Strelets have produced a great set just in time. I have just about finished painting my British & Highlanders at ease I am getting a bit weary of red paint & fairly complex uniforms.
The Prussians look fantastic & have a lot more variety than the Hat set in my opinion please bring them out quickly I'll have four boxes please (to start with).

Re: Prussian infantry on the march

Hi Strelets

Great looking figures of which i will buy many, but i guess i have to be the first to ask the following

1 will we get sets in the attack and at ease poses.
2 Due you have an estimated time of release.
3 Numbers of each pose in a box.
4 Will you be releasing Prussian landwehr further down the line.

thanks in advance