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Re: WWI Turks?

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Good old Dave, at PSR has just reviewed the Streletes Set M122,Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform. Looks like a pretty good score!

My question is, how long would Turkey field troops that look like the ones in this box?

Could they be used for as long as World War Two? Pictures showing troops of this type in the early 1940's would be great.

I recognize that's a long time but I also know as a large and varied nation, Turkey might have some units that retained an older uniform and equipment for a long time.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog
So the Turks in tropical uniform could actually pass for troops from the Arab Legion, a more or less British supported troop formed in the Middle East after WW1 ended. They saw action in Transjordan mostly, but these were really only skirmishes.

Their uniform changed in time, becoming more and more British, and they looked like British soldiers with a kufiyah as headdress just before WW2.

Not sure this helps, but there you go....