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Week-end is approaching

Re: Week-end is approaching

Thanks for sharing this beautiful figure. :+1:

Really like the detail on this prussian Landwehr soldier. And an original pose, too.
Webbing, facial expression and even the Landwehrkreuz on the cap are excellently contoured.

Can't wait to get them. Hope they will be part of the next release batch already?

Another great friday at this site. :+1:

Re: Week-end is approaching

It's Friday......... Prussian Landwehr.........Super duper

Best Regards

Re: Week-end is approaching

Very nice looking figure yet again Mr Strelets on the subject of Napoleonic sets will you still be releasing the two polish sets artillery & at ease these seem to have dropped off the radar recently

Re: Week-end is approaching

Wasn't aware that polish infantry "at ease" was ever announced or even mentioned, must've missed this? :thinking_face:
Could you possibly advise us where they were advertised?

The polish artillery seems to be reliably in queue still.
Considering the basically pace at which Strelets is working & that the artillery was announced only recently in 2017, I wouldn't worry about them.
Many 1/72 enthusiasts got used to much worse "delays" over the past 15 years... . :unamused:

Re: Week-end is approaching

HaTs are definitely out of fashion, these days....:laughing: