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Re: Usage of new sets

The Serbs can also be used against Turks I think, and from what I can see just about everyone on one side threw punches at just about everyone on the other in the Balkans.

Re: Usage of new sets

Dear Colin D.,

Blue Army set was designed primarily with Soviet-Polish war in mind, hence some poses, useful for fighting 1st Red Cavalry. It was instrumental in repelling the Red Army advance in Poland and "miracle at the Vizsla".
Having said that, this army started its career on the Western front as part of French army, pretty much like Russian expeditionary corps in France.

Best regards,


Re: Usage of new sets

Thank you Alan and Strelets! I imagine the Polish Blue Army could also be used against the Strelets Russian Civil War Red Army Infantry sets. Truly a great time for fans of 20th century sets!

Re: Usage of new sets

Haller's Polish Blue Army also fought in the Polish-Ukrainian War 1918-1919 so Strelets might like to make some Ukrainian nationalist forces too :smiley:

Re: Usage of new sets

Colin D.
1). With regards to the new Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform, if using them as late war troops would they have still been fighting the Austro-Hungarians or were they mainly fighting German and Bulgarian forces? I would like to use these against the previous Strelets sets of Austrians.

as PSR already mentioned, most of Strelets new Serbs can be used for early war as well.
Adrian helmets and/or late war weaponry limits a few figures to the second half of the war though.

So, their obvious 1/72 opponents for 1914-16 are:
Austria-Hungary (Strelets & Hät sets)
Germany (Zvezda & Hät early war sets)
Bulgaria (?)

Germany (Revell, Emhar, Caesar & Strelets late war sets)
Bulgaria (?)

Unfortunately, my sources on k. u. k. troop contingents for Makedonische Front are rather sparse for the second half of the war.
For the final & eventually successful Franco-Serbian offensive you surely need Bulgarians though, since they provided the majority of Central Power forces by far then. In the entire macedonian theatre only 30.000 out of 626.000 CP-troops were Germans at that time.

As one can see, the Serbians are not without adversaries in 1/72. But why not ask Strelets for more & better WWI Balkan Theatre sets!? :wink:
They already confirmed a further interest into this specific WWI-branch.

Strelets recent quality standards provided, I would fully support:
- early Serbian infantry in "summer" dress
- Serbian artillery crews "summer"
- Austrian infantry "summer"
- Bulgarian infantry "summer"
- Bulgarian artillery crews "summer"
... :grinning:

Re: Usage of new sets

Thank you Peter, much obliged! WW1 Bulgarians would indeed be welcome. It strikes me how we've certainly come a long way from the old days when there were only six sets available for the Great War.