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Re: Masters for new Old Guard at Attention

Hi Strelets,

Can i say fantastic figures and i will be buying lots, however i was wondering if its too late to make a suggestion, an unintended consequence will be that i will end up with a dozens of napoleons, would it be possible for that pose to be part of your planned general staff set and perhaps include a junior officer in its place.

I wonder what you think and the views of others, i will still be buying a few boxes of the planned staff set.

No matter what you do i will still by many sets but seems a shame to have so many of a unique figure.

happy new year everyone


Re: Masters for new Old Guard at Attention

Yes they look a great set & even better a set that could be painted quite easily & quickly I do like sets in greatcoats for that reason. It looks by the pictures posted a week or so ago that the polish artillery could be so attired as well.Could we have some more greatcoat sets please Strelets. :grin:

Re: Masters for new Old Guard at Attention

Completely agree, they look great, just right for the "final farewell" at Fontainebleau

Re: Masters for new Old Guard at Attention

More good news here! :+1:

12 poses old guard at attention plus 5 poses very nice & appropriate command figures.
Impressive to watch how easily Strelets surpasses rivalling offerings on quality- and quantity-level.
Assuming that we quite likely can expect marching & advancing/attacking sets as well, its safe to say that this range will be a big success for Strelets

Hope they will largely match the older Revell figures, which are still very useful.

Re: Masters for new Old Guard at Attention

Dear Strelets
Thumbsup to Brit/Scots SAM sets Guard(good figures & yes the headgear for these sets is nicely sculpted).
From what has been shown of the Prussian Landwehr - this looks like the start of something promising.
As for the Prussian Infantry - I very much look forward to seeing more images in the future (Strelets you already know how I feel about their oilskin covered headgear height).
In regards to the French Guard set, it is always good to see something new to be added to the Napoleonic range in 1/72 scale.
However I do have a few reservations for this set:
* There seems to be a lack of uniformity in the headgear size across the figures presented for this set. In terms of the headgear height, I wished the bearskin were slightly taller and full in size , as expressed in an earlier post it would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Headgear of similar sculpting quality & proportion in size as Brits/Scots SAM sets in terms to their respective figures for future Napoleonic sets pretty please
** Is that a regulation sized drum kit? (or ESCI/Italeri regulation)
*** Some figures look slightly slim, similar to some of the Polish set figures (perhaps the same sculptor used here). Though it might be the dark image playing with the viewing.
**** Nice Napoleon figure - but Napoleons height in comparison to the French Guard ? (yes I know of the mythology behind Napoleons height) . Note to self use a 'lower base' for Napoleon - murmurs & cries I here 'lower base...!' but how can that be he is the with this citizens head, madame guillotine sharpen your blade & prepare to wield, your services are required....
As I am a gentleman I prefer the honour of a duel
Pistols at dawn citizen...? Transformar Gun Ouch ....................Smiley Shot ...................
No I prefer swordplay at noon (after lunch & tea...)Barbeque Sipping Tea

Cheers to future Napoleonic sets that are yet to be considered, whether rudimentary drawings drafted upon the drawing board or a figment of the minds eye & imagination. Warning Napoleonic wave ahead

Best regards