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Napoleonic Ottoman

Hello Strelets,

Happy new year!

I have a question, as you said napoleonics are the best selling range, do you plan yo expand your ranges to include ottoman units?

I know the jannissaries exist, and mars made some... Interesting models, but id love to see (and would buy) some of the more irregular and interesting units they fielded. Especially Azans, melee bashi bazouks etc. The really non european units.

Keep up the great new sculpts

Re: Napoleonic Ottoman

While we are asking any chance of some Austrian sets, infantry in helmets & a separate set in shakos & if you are really kind A set of Austrian Grenadiers these could be in the SAM (Standing, marching & attack) format or as stand alone sets.
There is a real need for Austrians witch were one of the biggest players in the Napoleonic wars & are sadly under represented in 1/72 scale plastic these would be big sellers as a lot o people have been requesting them on other forums as well:blush: .

Re: Napoleonic Ottoman

Dear Sam,

we will release Bashi-Bazouks later this year.
Please, be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Napoleonic Ottoman


Can you give any details on when and the equipment of the unit?

Re: Napoleonic Ottoman

You will see everything in due course.

Re: Napoleonic Ottoman

Something from the more exotic and colourful end of Napoleonics. That's nice.:grinning:

Re: Napoleonic Ottoman

There was this teaser pic from Strelets team dated Oct 12, 2017:

Paul K :wink:

Re: Napoleonic Ottoman

The potential of that figure would only be limited by the bounds of ones immagination.:heart_eyes: