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Happy New Year !


year 2017 is fading away:

New 2018 is approaching:

It was our pleasure to speak to you on this forum, and we want to wish you all very best in the coming new year.

Yours truly,


Re: Happy New Year !

Happy New Year, Strelets Team!!

Best regards,

Re: Happy New Year !

Dittos! Blessings to all.

Re: Happy New Year !

Well, it was certainly a Happy Old Year with Strelets figures, so Happy New Year!

Re: Happy New Year !

Hoping everybody had a great Christmas& wishing everybody on this forum & all at Strelets a happy & productive New year. :relaxed:

Re: Happy New Year !

Merci STRELETS for this fantastic year in the hobby.
I sincerely wish STRELETS staff and relatives the best for 2018.

Re: Happy New Year !

2017 witnessed an extremely good progress for Strelets and us customers.
Thanks a lot for your truly inspired & valuable work! :clap: :+1:

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2018.

Re: Happy New Year !

My best wishes for the new year!!! Auguri!!

Re: Happy New Year !

Yes, "Happy New Year" to the entire Strelets Team!

It has been an amazing year with unbelievable output in so many ranges I'm interested in. Especially I'd like to thank the entire Strelets Team for the beautiful ACW Range. Wow! And Lawrence of Arabia! All great sets and with Arabs who can serve so many purposes and still more to come. Plus the Napoleonic Range with Highlanders and British Infantry I can't wait to set up on the famous "Squares" just like the movie Waterloo - "Drink up your Gin; the French will have it out of you soon enough anyway." and "Why, why?" cries the young soldier. WWI and WWII ...

Yes, Thank you and Happy New Year to the Strelets Team everywhere you are around the globe. :-)

Re: Happy New Year !

Excellent stuff,
Happy New Year to all at Strelets and to fellow forumners

Looking forward to see many more WW1 sets.

Re: Happy New Year !

And a very happy and prosperous New Year to you Strelets and to everyone on the forum.

That new Napoleon looks very interesting, I'm very keen to find out what else is in the box.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Happy New Year !

Whoopee! Looks like you intend to make 2018 as exciting as 2017 was!

Love the look of the addition to landwehr marching and really pleased to see Napoleon's General Staff 3 in the mix—or perhaps it is for a Napoleon's Return set?!

Thanks (again, again,...) and may it be a great start to 2018 for one and all.


Re: Happy New Year !

happy new year strelets.2018 looks like its coming in with a bang based upon whats forthcoming from you.
this latest batch of figures released is ringing out the old year with a bang as well.

Re: Happy New Year !

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all have a great 2018, best wishes to strelets and please keep up the great work with all your new sets and well done on the improved quality and new ranges, you are making us all very happy.

so where ever you all are in the world stay safe, and keep enjoying our wacky hobby

best wishes


Re: Happy New Year !

Happy new year and looking forward to lots more goodies from Strelets