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Wishing all of you, your families & friends the very best this holiday season!:santa:


For many, kids are getting ready to bound out of bed and run to the Christmas Tree to count how many new presents showed up over night; wives are planning the big meal; Dad is playing Santa and eating the cookies and drinking the milk left out for him (sounds good!); the cat is hunting imaginary birds hiding in the Tree, and the puppy is having the time of his life ripping open all the gifts and taste-testing each one as quickly as he can before he is discovered and escorted to the back yard. Relatives are getting ready to jump in the car and visit and bring their bundles of gifts to save the day. Maybe funniest of all, Dad will soon unwrap his tiny box (or digs out his dog-chewed sprews) of the latest Strelets soldiers and exclaim, "Man, I've waited all year for this!" His kids say, "You're acting just like a kid, Dad!" and all should be good again.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Wishing you all a merry Christmas from Scotland, I hope you are all safe and enjoying your gifts. I am looking forward to the calm over the next few days to be able to sit down and enjoy the many new sets i have from strelets and other companies which allow us to enjoy our niche hobby in this fast paced world.

As a Scot I am looking forward to the bells and getting the real party started that also means the countdown to more Napoleonic sets coming out

happy days and best wishes for 2018



Merry Christmas to all and "God bless us, every one!"


Thank you Mr.Bert and Merry Christmas to you and everyone else in 1/72nd land.