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In Anticipation of Christmas

Re: In Anticipation of Christmas

Clearly you are planning a wonderful 2018 for those of us who are collectors, modellers and/or wargamers of Napoleonics, yippee!

Thanks so much for ALL of your wonderful offerings in 2017 (across periods), for those wonderful sets that are on the way now/soon and the coming offerings, such as these French.

All the best to you all at Strelets for Christmas and New Year.


Re: In Anticipation of Christmas

I echo the THANKS to Strelets for the amazing offerings this year. For me personally, the Arab Revolt series and the WWII Indians really are a dream come true. So many other great sets as well.

Thank you, Strelets!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Best regards,

Re: In Anticipation of Christmas

I would like to add my thanks for the great Napoleonic sets you have released this year & for those already planned for next (still need some Austrians though) & wish you & all the members of this forum a very merry Christmas & a Nappy new year.
Ps I think & hope these figures could be from the polish artillery set the shako looks polish to me could be wrong though.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: In Anticipation of Christmas

Again thank you to Strelets for a very busy and productive year.

Best wishes of the season to everyone!!

Re: In Anticipation of Christmas

Always good to see more of these new sculpted style Napoleonic sets just one thing Strelets the Greatcoats are too long, should be just below the knee although some variety in length is okay but no lower than mid shin.

I also call on Strelets to make Austrian Infantry in Hungarian style uniform with Shakos and Russians Infantry with 1808 Shakos for the New Year.

Thank you Strelets it's been a great year with the improvements in sculpting, subject matter and the quantity of sets you produce.

Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year :santa:

Re: In Anticipation of Christmas

I add my thanks to Strelets for a very exciting year with some great sets plus the improved quality. Especially the WW1 line is developing nicely and I hope for more such sets in 2018.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Strelets and all who buy their figures.

Re: In Anticipation of Christmas

Thanks for a superb selection of figures for many historical periods, but especially for my personal favourite of the American Civil War. Seasons greetings from Scotland and long may your company prosper.

Re: In Anticipation of Christmas

Totally agreeing with the previous speakers.

For my part, I'm more than happy with the several WWI & WWII sets, but also the RCW, Nap & ACW figures caught my attention.

Strelets deserves a special thank you for their undeniably fine work! :+1:

Very glad that we can obviously expect a number of new sets for the major napoleonic belligerents. Good to know that Strelets doesn't shy away from subjects already grabbed by other manufacturers. Rightly so, because comparison with rivaling products clearly shows that many are inferior to the current Strelets standards.

Thanks Strelets, for your numerous, well-balanced & considerably improved output. :+1:

Lets hope for many more prolific years to come!

And of course, merry christmas y'all!!!