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This day in history

This day, 100 years ago, Jerusalem capitulated to British troops. Letter of capitulation was delivered by its mayor, appointed by the Turks.
Holy city was captured by Christians first time since 1244.

Our new batch of sets, including those, devoted to this campaign, has reached shelves of British, US and European shops.


Re: This day in history

I have ordered already your wonderful new sets and will enjoy them surely. It was only a pity that your Camel Corps-sets wasn´t included in your actual delivery.

My comment to your topic: Unfortunatly It wasn´t a great day for most of the population of Jerusalem. After decades of peace and stabliity the near east was fallen in an era of disorder, with many armed struggles and wars ... untill today.

Re: This day in history

"Holy city was captured by Christians first time since 1244."

What a stupid comment. Had nothing to do at all with any kind of "Reconquista".

Well, it may be over, but once upon a time, Western Europe was enlightened. Never happened to the Ukraine, that's for sure...

Re: This day in history

Dear Parbleu,

thank you very much for "enlightenment".
Is it worth possibly to re-read a windmill episode of "Don Quixote" ? :grinning:

Best regards,


Re: This day in history

USA never declared war on Turkey. The American Colony in Jerusalem was quite active in WWI especially with relief work and aid (esp Turkish hospitals). " A little America close to Jerusalem's Walls". Many of the photos of Gaza/Jerusalem from the Axis side were taken by Americans in the Colony. The Germans and Austrians wanted a stake in Jerusalem and had sizeable contingents there at the "request" of the Turks. The British Empire had large populations of Muslims in India (Pakistan, Bangla Desh now) they were not prepared to antagonise so a conquest was seen to be a liberation and then mandated territory and spheres of influence. France Britain and the Sykes Picot carve up.The idea of Jewish homeland makes for a complex mix and the USA certainly had a stake in that in the 1920s. Too much for here but the British in Iraq, Jordan and Palestine adopted a form of colonialism mostly to do with oil exploitation.

Cervantes is always worthwhile.