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Re: It`s Friday.......

Re: It`s Friday.......

Your teasing us again strelets always pictures from the side or back how about a full frontal view ,& it would be good to know the nationality of this figure & are going to be Marching, in attack & standing sets, lots of questions I know but we nappy fans have to work out our finances for next year.

Re: It`s Friday.......

French line 1812/15 in greatcoats standing ? nice but no bloody use in the desert 1940/43 :joy:

Re: It`s Friday.......

He looks like a French line grenadier/ voltigeur in winter dress. Though he could also be young guard, middle guard, sailor of the guard, les marines or just about any French napoleonic ally!
I'm hoping we will see marching and attacking sets as well!
But what's with the ruler underneath the figure and why is the figure straddled between the
"6" and the "7"? Is Strelets trying to send some kind of secret message? Maybe the release date
is June 7th!!!

Paul K.:sleuth_or_spy: