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Re: Artillery Sets

Dear GarrisonClay,

it's a nice piece of a gun.
We thought about making fortress artillery for Sevastopol, something like that:

Back then we decided to refrain, as we were unsure, whether these pieces would be interesting for the public.

Best regards,


Re: Artillery Sets

Could we please have live links

Re: Artillery Sets


just re-tried the link, it seems to be working fine.


Re: Artillery Sets

Alan Buckingham
Could we please have live links

Links Live

GC big gun

Strelets big gun

Re: Artillery Sets

Thank you

Re: Artillery Sets

On this subject, Japs and Guns that is, how about a big artillery piece , like one of the guns the japs captured at Singapore and then relocated to one of their pacific island conquests ?

Re: More Japs......

Great figures....and very welcome set.
PLEASE....make them in a suitable size that will fit with your lastly produced heavy weapon set.

Having a continuity on set's with more or less the same size of figures is a MUST.

Thanks Strelets, keep the good work up.
As a Pacific War and FETO war got me with every Jap's set you'll produce.....if sizes are correct

ACW Siege guns.

There´s quite a few in 1/72nd

More modifications?

Definitely in my must have list. Dear Steelers, do you plan next expansion of subject like double and triple versions of this gun?

Re: More modifications?

Dear Buddy,

no, we don't have such plans.

Best regards,