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Re: Pickett's Charge 2

The Lee figure is spectacular! He & the casualties make the whole set worthwhile! However, I am a bit unhappy with this new style of figures Strelets is making. The advancing figs, I'll give you as they seem realistic, but these poses with rifles slightly forward may be OK for Napoleonics, but for this particular engagement, not so much! By this time, the Confederate troops had been ravaged by long range artillery & by now, are getting raked by canister & rifle fire. All they wanted was to get to the wall. Such uniform looking figures are not very accurate for the desperate battle that was going on by this time! It would be like putting poses like this in WW1 uniforms & having them charge across No Man's Land! These guys might be good for The Peach Orchard, Devil's Den or Little Round Top, but not Pickett's Charge! The cameraman is interesting & a Pickett figure is also good, but to what purpose does the casual drummer serve? Figures for Armistead, Kemper & Garnet would have been nice too.

The casual drummer is intended for the Confederates standing set, so is the photographer I assume. I agree about the poses though, would have been better with running or at least have the rifles in the levelled "charge bayonets" pose. According to a PSR review one source suggests that the rebels held their rifles at port arms during the charge, muskets held across the chest, this would also have been a good choice.