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Re: Updated ReMould Sets for British

Another one that 100% agrees

Re: Updated ReMould Sets for British

Strelets is actually the most productive and interesting producer of historical miniatures, which we have to be at first quite thankful to them and not to force them again and again to still wider ranges of themes and periods. I have sometimes the impression that some in the forum are like little children who wants always more and more.

Nothing against proposals for new figures, but I don´t know any producer who will "remodel" already produced sets. I doubt also the success of very specialized set-themes like personalities of the second world war who will mostly bought only once from collectors. These themes seems to fit me more for small miniature-producers of pewter or resin than for Strelets. So I would like to see here eventually more realism of proposals which can strengthen Strelets with good expectations of sales. There are still so many missing figure-sets in the already existing Strelets-campaigns like Napoleonic russian infantry, Napoleonic austrian infantry before 1809, the war of 1812 or the war of hundred years. Every new set in these or other existing campaigns of Strelets will been wonderful and for me personally more constructive.

Enjoy it that Strelets is producing so many sets with high quality and help them to avoid mistakes in details that PSR don´t have still any possibility to complain anything. And don´t ask less after every new set-presentation still more and more ...

Re: Updated ReMould Sets for British

Sorry but I did not buy any of Strelets old style figures and never will they are/were TO ME totally unusable, I have bought 19 boxes of new style figures and have pre paid for 8 boxes (waiting for them to be issued). A quick look down their list at least 22 sets I would buy if they were in their great new style (so say 50 boxes) I know that I am not the only wargamer that would buy Strelets old sets if they were remoulded to the new style. I am very happy with their new figures and pleased to see a company improve their figures and standards and not lower them (which sad to say is what seems to normally happen. Also we are just letting Strelets know are views it is up to Strelets to decide whether or not to follow our requests/wants, NEEDS????.
(PS like children wanting more, well yes but we pay cash to have more.)

Re: Updated ReMould Sets for British

I don't think it is just children who want more, I thought it was an absolute prerequisite for a consumer society and all of us need to have consumption fever. Don't collect plaggy figures if you disagree buy ISAs,bonds,gold bullion etc and squirrel away your vast accumulated sums
Consumo ergo sum. Like love it makes the world go round.(and unhappy )
If there is a mismatch with the style or size of new sets and old sets that could be combined or used in the same scenario then it makes sense to revise some of the earlier sets. On the other hand some ranges have an integrity and to revise odd sets may provoke urgent pleas for the rest to be done.
Personally I wish some manufacturer would tackle the second half of the 20th century again which seems a no go area now though Esci, Airfix, Revell, Caesar etc all did sets of that period but have now ceased or succumbed to lobbying.
Nothing wrong at all with manufacturers coming up with their own ideas though it seems clear that most collectors want their niche interests satiated first or a tantrum will be thrown .