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Re: Dear Strelets, Spartacus (M77) and Caesar (M91) Army ?

Arab Camelry... could be used by both sides so please dont give them all Lee Enfields, which they didn't have in any quantity.... a few is OK.... a mixture of common rifles is best..

The Airfix guys have the Arisaka... which is correct...

Re: Dear Strelets, Spartacus (M77) and Caesar (M91) Army ?

Dear Sirs,

we're pre-occupied with other sets at the moment.



Dear Strelets -

I couldn't be more excited than to see your Mounted British Infantry, Dismounted Infantry, Turkish Infantry, Arab Fighters on Foot, and now Arab Camelry Sets! And all the most awesome quality to ever come out.

Three Cheers to Strelets! - GC