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Re: French Imperial guards marching in greatcoats

The French Imperial Guard in Greatcoats are not top of my list, I would much preferred Austrian Infantry Hungarian styled in Shakos or Russian Musketeers in 1809 Shako.

However if we are going to have French Imperial Guard in Greatcoats then I would like them as perfect as possible, overall these look very good but I would like to question the pinned back Greatcoat, I have not seen any illustrations representing this in the Napoleonic era only the Crimean and onward was this common or a rarity?

It Maybe better to have a closed Greatcoat and perhaps slightly shorter Greatcoat which would also be more useful for head conversion to French Fusiliers or other Greatcoat wearing soldiers.

The Bearskin fur cap looks good but size and shape wise and I think the Zvezda effort is better.

The size of the figures I would not expect this be a problem as Strelets have always been very consistent, slightly larger than the rank and file but no Giants and no bigger than Zvezda's.

Finally the luxury of having separate boxes for of Marching, Attacking, Stand at Ease and hopefully Firing and Loading is not quite right to me, if they were combined in 2 boxes instead of 4 boxes, that way they could move on to the next Napoleonic set Austrians, Russians and Dutch etc.

It sounds as if I am being very critical I can assure you this is not my intention I am only trying to be constructive, Strelets have always produced nice consistent figures but are now moving up in terms of quality so if we can help that can I only be a good thing.

Vive l'Empereur and Vive l'Stelets

Re: French Imperial guards marching in greatcoats

Strelets new pics

Re: French Imperial guards marching in greatcoats

Good news, though we need more Napoleonics in greatcoats for different countries, and not just marching or at ease.

Re: French Imperial guards marching in greatcoats

Looking at these figures again after the original excitement they are not marching & they are not at ease could this be another variety of figures maybe at attention.

Re: French Imperial guards marching in greatcoats

Hi everyone,
These figures coule be also part of the long waited Nap HQ staff part 3.
Let's see.
Have a nice evening.