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Extra Bannermen for "Rush's Lancers" ... and Conversion Ideas...and Painting Garrison Clay!

Lots of good ideas here for these sets. Certainly I will do some figure conversions by cutting them in half and swapping out upper bodies from the dismounted troops. In the past I have made a few conversions from the Airfix / Hat WWI Americans to make troops for the 1916 Pershing Expedition.

Buglers were used for many US Army formations, and I have converted them for other eras, including WWI and WWII.

Lancers are a great idea too.

Garrison Clay, I know you don't like to paint figures, but Rust-Oleum 2X gray primer spray paint sold at Wal-Mart and many other stores sticks well to clean soft plastic figures. Wash them in soap and water and then when dry, rinse them in paint thinner. Not only does it adhere, but it's also a perfect color for ACW Confederate soldiers.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek