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Re: Game of thrones in 1/72m

Quote: Pna
It seems that the real discussion here was not GoT but dragons in 1/72 scale:)
Nice addition Steve. Wizkids has hundreds of fantasy miniatures, many of them quite calidad for 1:72 (trolls,golems,giants and so in) I got two griffons which i want to give 1/72 riders since one year ago...
Bu the Day i read the Drsgon Rampant rulebook and it Looks quite easy ,dinámic and Fun!

Dragon Rampant - in fact all of the games that use the system - are very playable games and with the number of figures used, it's a great system for 1/72 games - as well as for people who are perhaps disillusioned - shall we say? - with another Games/Figure manufacturer whose rules have been changed out of all recognition from their original fantasy system.

Cavalry units are in 6's per unit and infantry are 12's or 6's depending on the quality of the troops. There are various categories of troops - Elites, Heavy and Light infantry etc, so basically you can configure your army which ever way you want it.

Re: Game of thrones in 1/72m - by Steve Pickstock - Aug 13, 2017 1:21am