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Re: Use Extra Bannermen for "Rush's Lancers" ... and Furthermore ... !

Any research on Lancers in the ACW, both U.S. and C.S.A. will quickly lead you to the conclusion that they were very good at guarding Commander's Camps, all kinds of escort duty, protecting bridges and roads, recon duty, and looking durned good while doing it. But in battle, mostly a waste of manpower and resources. In battle, the shock aspect made them useful at routing a surprised enemy, but in a frontal assaults the results were disastrous. The Confederates formed a unit in New Mexico and in their first engagement they lost all horses and half of their Troopers.

So, my point is, I'm not wasting any time doing Conversions for battle duty. The only converting I'll do is cutting down the full-size quidon to a small swallow-tailed flag (known as the 'lance pennon') just below the spearhead. If you want them for battle, then they'll mostly end up face down on the battlefield as casualties anyway - with all due respect.

I'm looking forward to having some of these guys riding around the perimeters of the tented camps, both U.S. and C.S.A. I'm sure hoping Strelets makes a set of Confederate Cavalry also, otherwise I'll have to keep using my Gulliver sets, and that set seriously lacks any accoutrements at all besides a sabre and it's scabbard. And there is no doubt in my mind our Strelets sculpter can do better. In fact, if Strelets just ran this same set in Gray color, it would not be historically inaccurate at all, I'd be happy. After all, the Commanders Mounted Set already has all of the famous Generals for us! Hint, hint, Strelets :-)