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Use Extra Bannermen for "Rush's Lancers"

I plan on making a dozen (typical set number) of "Rush's Lancers." With my 20 boxes I'll have 40 Bannermen. All you need to do is trim down the Guidon to lance's flags and clip the bottom from the leg. As is they will work perfectly for guard duty for Commanders Camps as well as guarding roads, bridges, wagons, etc. which was mostly what they did throughout the war from 1860 to 1865. If you want charging (see picture below), use the hot water treatment with a pair of needle nosed pliers, and slowly twist the arm down to an angle, or use lances from other sets.

Each dozen of my Troopers, get two (2) Guidons (Red and White Troop and a Stars and Stripes) and one (1) Battle Flag. All of my bannermen will be used. Extra Binocular guys go to Artillery.

Remember, Strelets excellent Union Commanders on Horseback re-issued set has a guy holding a set of binoculars away from his face who looks just like General Buford, and he looks perfect leading a column of Troopers.

Below is a great painting of Rush's Lancers. Look carefully at the Command Group out front and then the Troopers behind. If not for Strelets great set with extra figures, how else could you make a set of Rush's Lancers included in the same price as regular cavalry.

Link below: