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Re: "Don't Look a 'Gift (Cavalry) Horse' in the Mouth!"

The Union Cavalry Skirmishers is a set that has been on every ACW fan's list for a very long time! dismounted figure-wise, it gives you everything you could want or need. However, it is the mounted figs that fall short. 3 of the figs are great, but then, as with all US cavalry sets, you are stuck with the inevitable officer, bugler & guidon bearer. I bought 5 sets of these so now I have 10 binocular using officers. A couple can stay with the cav, a few more can go to the artillery, others to infantry & the rest to the General staff. The buglers & bannermen are not so easily dispensed with. The guidon troopers can be used for flag bearers (national, state, corps, brigade, etc) but they already have tons of competition with the other such bearers from Italeri, Imex, Atlantic & Airfix. All but a couple of buglers are useless as mtd buglers only served cavalry units. As much as I dislike HAT's 4-5 pose cav sets, at least they come with separate arms to do away with excessive bannermen & buglers. Doesn't really matter tho. I wanted this set for the dismounted figs & am very pleased with them. I'm sure I will buy more!