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Re: Guns of Navarone!


Re: Guns of Navarone!

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
"Guns of Navarone" Conversion Marx Playset in 1/72"

Garrison Clay, when you do those kinds of awesome things, you know I need photos. You can't just tease me like that!

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Thank you, Mike!

Many of the WWII German sets made by Caesar work perfectly for a Guns of Navarone themed set. When I was a kid, I had many Marx WWII Germans and these new sets remind me of those days. I pulled them out every week when I watched the T.V. show "Combat." A few Half-Tracks and a Staff Car to ambush on any dirt road and I had hours of fun. I for one am glad Caesar has gone to such lengths to cover so many aspects of that army. I don't have all of their sets, but I do have most of them.

Cheers! - GC

Re: Any chance of producing German ww2 guards,lined up German ww2 infantry?

I guess Caesar will make them all!

Already done but by Preiser:

Advancing, marching on roads on parade etc

Also at least a mortar crew on parade that I cant see listed on PSR, indeed most of Pavols wish list is covered except Hitler and I know I've seen several figures available from other manufacturers, dogs can be got from other sets...

Caeser Command and marching:

Ykreol or made by them

Re: Any chance of producing German ww2 guards,lined up German ww2 infantry?

I'm waiting for Caesar to issue "German Infantry Relieving Themselves" - actually that could be a series - "German Infantry Relieving Themselves in a Latrine," "German Infantry Relieving Themselves in the Field," "German Infantry Relieving Themselves off the Back of Vehicles..."