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Re: Waterloo 1815

Seeing as we are asking, the Boer war sets ?

Re: Waterloo 1815

Thanks for the translation Donald.

I would be interested to see pics of those two new sets, and I'm sure they will be posted here when they're ready.

But I have to say that I would definitely buy a box if set 013 was rereleased. Just wish I'd bought it when I had the chance.

Re: Waterloo 1815


we are preoccupied with other subjects right now, that have priority over those sets.
Anyway, we publish all new sculps as soon as available.

013 set won't be re-released due to worn out molds.

Best regards,


Re: Waterloo 1815

Thanks for the reply, I suspected that might be the case.

Re: Waterloo 1815

thank strelets , yhanks for the information and your professionalism