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Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

Hi Guys,

I am glad people have posted their views on my post abut a Napoleonic Firing Line,set It shows that their is a real interest in this other format. I always envied the poses available from metal companies where you could order a specific pose in a qty of your choice.

I think Hat Industrires raised the bar with the mac format and i feel that strelets have gone one better as each of their Napoleonic formats come with a different command thus giving a lot more choice.

So Strelets please consider the views we have posted and make us all very happy customers. If not possible due to other factors please accept my wishes and comments as that of a positive nature and that i look forward to your future Napoleonic range.


I have noted in the posts that American Civil War fans would also love this format, so this set might reach a wider market than just the Napoleonic fans.



Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

My two cents. I'd love to have Confederate firing lines with slouch hats, beards and different equipment, rolled blankets, knapsacks, canteens and so on. I think it would be very practical for modellers, instead of having to buy multiple sets with the exakt same pose or different sculpting, it would make it easy to buy a few sets, with 25 kneeling poses and 25 standing poses in each set to build an impressive firing line.

And what about reloading, I have about zero reloading poses in my projects, I know Strelets and Imex had some but they're not that good. No one liked my idea about a set entirely dedicated to reloaders but I'd buy it in an instance. Yes it's a boring pose but one that has to be addressed anyway. Also reloading is a long process, several different poses can be made so you could have a good flow with a regiment reloading in different phases.

My Confederate firing line, this is why I love firing lines: