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Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

All of the Highlander sets out there are way inferior to Strelets new sets in every way. Goes for the British Infantry too.

Strelets poses and details are realistic, have superior undercutting, all proportions are spot on, and made in a nice soft plastic, and in a great Terracotta color - not silver, strange flesh tone and other strange ones. Finally, Strelets has put out the whole package so far for each set.

It would be a major opportunity lost for Strelets to establish itself as a leader in 1/72 with these figures and a major disappointment with many of Strelet's customers if we can't make a defensive square or set up a firing line. If Strelets completes this range, I'll be buying them. What I won't be buying are the same old inferior sets that have been out there by other companies since the 1960's and 1970's just repackaged with new box art.

I just received my shipment of Strelets Highlanders and Infantry last Friday and am looking forward to their Standing at Ease, plus Firing, Reloading, and Kneeling Firing and Defensive Poses next.

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