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Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

Hi Strelets,

I totally agree with Steve , i always like to create each of my battalions using the sculpts of the same sculptor as sets can differ greatly in size, bulk and quality,

It also allows buyers to group the different sets in to more varied unit formations, I am sure all of your latest napoleonic sets would benefit from a firing line box to complete the new format of march, attack, at ease and firing line, Hat Industries innovated the hobby with its mac sets. It seems to me that strelets are taking it a great step forward.

I hope others Napoleonic/ ACW fans post here and give their views that way you could judge our feedback and hopefully help make it happen.

keep up the good work


P.S. Any new napoleonic sets you want to tease us with

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

Yes Strelets if your not going to give us a firing line at least show us some new Napoleonic set to ease our pain.
Maybe a nice Prussian, Russian, French, Austrian, Bavarian, Brunswick, Hanoverian, Nassau there's plenty to choose from. but please non of the bonus streletsi figures tricks you usually play.

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

Dear Allan,

there are so many of those already !
What can we realistically add to that subject ?



Here's a list of the sets of British line infantry in Belgic shakoes, currently in production, with firing and loading figures:-

That didn't take long to read did it?

Here's the available half sets:-

Italeri's half set has 3 standing firing Coldstream Guard figures and no loaders. Fine, buy 6 boxes and that takes care of the Coldstream Guards but what about the rest of the army.

HaT's Peninsular British infantry has Belgic head swaps. you can use the good number of firing and loading figures but there's not enough spare heads to convert all of the other figures in the box.

Italeri has a reissue of this old ESCI half set:

A good number of standing firing figs but some fiddly conversions are required to get loaders.

Also, I managed to turn some of the odd semi crouched firing figures into bandy legged, pigeon toed, Achenaten hipped, standing firing poses.

So, not much out there really. I'd like to have more of the Revell firing and loading figs and use the ex-ESCIs for grenadiers and light co. But you can't even buy the Revell set second hand on E-Bay.

If you made a British line infantry firing line, and they looked as good as the excellent advancing and standing about doing nothing in particular figures you've shown us, I'd definitely buy them.

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

I find the firing line much more appealing than the "at ease" box. I already did or will get a box of each of the napoleonics you now produce. The firing line box would complete the Strelets battalion. Like many other posters to this thread, I also build up units using just one manufacturer, as the style varies substantially. And the shooters from the other sets stay with their respective units. Thus, we end up with a need for a Strelets firing line.
Graeme, I am very impressed with your conversions. Bravo. Thank you for showing the potential of some really annoying figures in the Esci box.

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

what are we missing is heavy and medium cavalry in reserve waiting swords in scabbards.french cuirassiers,dragons. Russian cuirassiers and dragons.british dragons and especially for Austrians we don't have any decent cuirassiers and dragons.would be nice to build up huge mass formations of heavy cavalry in reserve or could be used for escorts/bodyguards or just lined up before orders to attack are given.saxons bavarians and wutenberg would be nice to for Prussia I would be happy for dragons prferebly.also French masses of line&light infantry marching,standing at ease in the same quality would be must in prior baradin and baradin 1812-15 uniforms. Thank you strelets for roman auxiliary 2 sets of the best figures produced ever.I love them so much they couldn't be done regards

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

A Firing and Loading set seems to me to be an obvious next step in fact I put their importance ahead of both advancing and stand at ease but, it's hard to complain as we are being totally spoiled by Strelets.

I would be just as pleased if Strelets combined Marching, Advancing, Stand at Ease and Firing and Loading in 2 boxes instead of 4 boxes, that way they could move on to the next Napoleonic set Austrians, Russians, French and Dutch etc.

Strelets one request I would like to make to you is for a couple of Highland Flag bearers in officer/Ensigns uniform wearing trews/trousers.

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

Allan from Glasgow
Hi Strelets

Will you be releasing sets containing Napoleonic Firing Line poses for the new Napoleonic sets recently released?


Hi Strelets,

Allan, Steve and others are right, it is best to have a complete line/range of a style such as the Highlanders and Waterloo British Infantry. Your new sets are far superior to the existing sets by others. The size, color and styles are different. I'm don't collect Napoleonics but your new sets are so beautiful I have been buying them with your ACW, which I'm a fan of especially. I'm counting on you to finish your Highlanders so that I make some outstanding British Squares just like all the famous paintings. Oh, and I don't paint so I really need your Terracotta figures.

Your sets have been selling very well. I preordered your ACW and still have to wait for another shipment to get enough US Cavalry Skirmishing.

As for me, please make Highlanders & Infantry (1) standing and firing and reloading, and (2) kneeling and firing and ready to receive enemy cavalry so I can make some awesome British Squares!

Same with the ACW Range. It screams to be continued with action poses now.

Your US Cavalry Skirmishing is outstanding. I've bought 16 boxes and have to wait for a restock to finish just to finish my first pre-order.

If you really want to grow your sales of ACW, all of us forumers have been begging for firing, reloading, some bayonete thrusting or level rifle advancing, some clubbing and more surprises. These figures sales should really add to your profits.

OK, you are not excused from finishing the nice subjects you started here so keep going please. There is a new sheriff in town (champion maker of 1/72 figures) and it's you! - Thank you and well done! - GC

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

Serious: I've enough British and Scots infantry sets now by Hat/Waterloo1815/Emhar/Revell/Italeri etc. They combine good enough in this scale, at least to my satisfaction, with the new Strelets. I don't want to spend much more money and don't gonna throw the others away. I can create several carré's and marching columns now.
I am grateful and enough is enough for this part.
The perspective to have more marching prussian (?), longcoat French (?) and Dutch/Brunswick(???) columns in this concept by Strelets is great and beautiful.
Yep: I know people want to have more Austrians and I am longing for 1812 Russian columns, there is always something to wish, but you can not mean there are no firing lines for the British/Scots for the Waterloo campaign.
Let's just be grateful, satisfied and realistic every now and then?

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

The first set of British Infantry in overcoats is pretty much a firing line, I wonder if it would be possible to do the same set but with regular uniforms.

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

All of the Highlander sets out there are way inferior to Strelets new sets in every way. Goes for the British Infantry too.

Strelets poses and details are realistic, have superior undercutting, all proportions are spot on, and made in a nice soft plastic, and in a great Terracotta color - not silver, strange flesh tone and other strange ones. Finally, Strelets has put out the whole package so far for each set.

It would be a major opportunity lost for Strelets to establish itself as a leader in 1/72 with these figures and a major disappointment with many of Strelet's customers if we can't make a defensive square or set up a firing line. If Strelets completes this range, I'll be buying them. What I won't be buying are the same old inferior sets that have been out there by other companies since the 1960's and 1970's just repackaged with new box art.

I just received my shipment of Strelets Highlanders and Infantry last Friday and am looking forward to their Standing at Ease, plus Firing, Reloading, and Kneeling Firing and Defensive Poses next.

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

Seems like a lot of people want a firing / reloading set hopefully Strelets will listen and supply what it's customers want I've not really thought about the lack of firing poses in British infantry for Waterloo but take away the ancient Airfix set & there's not many available poses at all.

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

yes british infantry square is very needed.kneeling infantry with muskets pointed towards horse chest is needed.also many stages of reloading fire at will.I suport that.I dont buy old bad quality figures like unfortunatly strelets french infantry marching-or airfixs the most sets.

Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

Hi Guys,

I am glad people have posted their views on my post abut a Napoleonic Firing Line,set It shows that their is a real interest in this other format. I always envied the poses available from metal companies where you could order a specific pose in a qty of your choice.

I think Hat Industrires raised the bar with the mac format and i feel that strelets have gone one better as each of their Napoleonic formats come with a different command thus giving a lot more choice.

So Strelets please consider the views we have posted and make us all very happy customers. If not possible due to other factors please accept my wishes and comments as that of a positive nature and that i look forward to your future Napoleonic range.


I have noted in the posts that American Civil War fans would also love this format, so this set might reach a wider market than just the Napoleonic fans.



Re: Napoleonic Firing Line Box

My two cents. I'd love to have Confederate firing lines with slouch hats, beards and different equipment, rolled blankets, knapsacks, canteens and so on. I think it would be very practical for modellers, instead of having to buy multiple sets with the exakt same pose or different sculpting, it would make it easy to buy a few sets, with 25 kneeling poses and 25 standing poses in each set to build an impressive firing line.

And what about reloading, I have about zero reloading poses in my projects, I know Strelets and Imex had some but they're not that good. No one liked my idea about a set entirely dedicated to reloaders but I'd buy it in an instance. Yes it's a boring pose but one that has to be addressed anyway. Also reloading is a long process, several different poses can be made so you could have a good flow with a regiment reloading in different phases.

My Confederate firing line, this is why I love firing lines: