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Skoda 305 drawings


has anybody come across any drawings of the above mentioned cannon ?
Alas, usual googling didn't bring any satisfying results.

Thanks in advance/Best regards,


Re: Skoda 305 drawings

Will take a look into the relevant literature that I have tomorrow.

Did you already check out "Der 30,5 cm Mörser: Österreich-Ungarns berühmtes Belagerungsgeschütz" by Christian Ortner?

It could be the ideal starting point if you don't shy away from german language.

Would be more than happy to share my copy with you, if it helps to push this great project forward.

I feel already sorry for this anticipatory nagging, but please make sure that any of your upcoming artillery kits (especially such heavy & highly complex ones as the type in question) will be done in "hard plastic"!

Best Regards

Re: Skoda 305 drawings

Dear PeterTheGreat,

thank you very much for the tip. I remember quite few excellent artillery pieces in Vienna museum but didn't know that its director wrote a book on this piece.
Does this book contain drawings of the cannon ?

Best regards,


Re: Skoda 305 drawings

Wow, nice project! MGM made it in resin, you can find info at Henk's site scroll down to see, hope this helps. Just burning to see yours Jap.type 96....regards

Re: Skoda 305 drawings

As you may wish, Buddy.

Re: Skoda 305 drawings

Cool! Hope AA mount also included? Good luck with further projects

Re: Skoda 305 drawings

I remember quite few excellent artillery pieces in Vienna museum but didn't know that its director wrote a book on this piece.

Does this book contain drawings of the cannon?

Herr Ortner has published quite a few notable books regarding austro-hungarian uniformolgy & military equipment over the last decade or two.
Another one that could prove helpful in this case is "Die österreichisch-ungarische Artillerie von 1867 bis 1918" which, unfortunately, didn't make it into my personal library.

The initially mentioned book contains some construction drawings and various detail-revealing photographs, but sadly without specific dimensioning.
Only the drawings of the several transport carts provide their dimensions.
However, naturally it offers some promising bibliographic references.

Would still be glad to share my copy if it helps to push this project forward.
Feel free to contact me via the stated email address.

Consulting Franz Kosar, von Senger u. Etterlin, the usual Waffen-Arsenal issues and other sources on the subject proved unsuccessful so far... .

Maybe the already available resin & plastic kits in other scales could be helpful? Or the respective manufacturers could turn out to be cooperative?

If everything fails, Bucharest is supposed to be appealing in summer.

I fervently hope this project will be another success within the ever growing Strelets range.

Also looking forward to the Type 96 25mm AT/AA gun of course!
Another glaring gap of an important WWII topic treated in an appropriate manner.
Please take into consideration to produce such smaller artillery & equipment pieces in hard plastic as well.

Best Regards