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Re: Retooled Spartacus

Nicely done way better then the first round, but there is a problem with some of the kit being from the wrong time... though I'm sure it wont effect sales...

Might I suggest getting a copy of this...

Re: Retooled Spartacus

They're perfect, but I would have prefered them to be in battle, replacing the earlier Spartacus set.

Re: Retooled Spartacus

These look so, so good. Thank you.

With an army that, according to Appian, reached 70 000 following Vesuvius and 120 000 by the time he marched towards Rome, there is plenty of scope for these (and the coming set M077--to add to the hints); even if only part of these forces were former gladiators and slaves with captured Roman arms.

Aside from that the 'characters' in this set will suit a whole range of other ancient armies.

Strelets seems to be leading a new 'golden age' all by itself and we collectors, wargamers and/or modellers are the beneficiaries!



Re: Retooled Spartacus

I wholeheartedly agree with your last point James, Strelets right now is turning out a lot of interesting sets with more always coming in the pipeline. They're really taking off and running while other manufactures seem to have almost ground to a halt, except maybe Caesar although they tend to focus on just one particular subject these days.

Re: Retooled Spartacus

Dear Strelets,
Can you make a big box of Spartacus Rebellion and also a big box of Rep. Romans-so that we can use both for a diorama in the way of your box 907 ?

best regards
Richard Jung