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Re: Auxiliaries on the March: 10 for sculpting on PSR!

Congratulations to Strelets! It might be tempting to wonder if they might do what Airfix did and revisit some of their not-so-great old sets...

Also, to be honest, there have been a number of very good sets of Roman Auxiliaries, Napoleonic British Infantry and WW2 Japanese Infantry (not quite as many as WW2 Germans but on the way...) from other companies over the years so it would be nice to see Strelets returning to their mission statement "to fill the gaps in the figure market that had previously had to be filled with conversions by collectors themselves."

Can only agree. Please, Strelets, let's have some subjects that have never been done before - or at least not been done with good quality. For example, what's happening with the War of 1812 range? Did the US militia set sell well? From what British retailers told me they were popular and also have a wide range of other uses.

I know the Napoleonic British infantry can be used for that war but I already have more than enough good figures from other manufacturers released over the years and can't justify the expense or space for more.