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Ww2 Chinese

Many on the forum have made a request for these and I would like to add my name to the list. The possibilities are endless
There were nationalist and communist forces. Uniforms were done in gray,green and khaki. Headgear consisted of regular caps,stahlhelm,brodie,Adrian, and various types of pith helmets.
Some militia and army units used the Da-Dao sword.
These figures would go well with the new Japanese sets. They could be used for the civil war which followed and up to the Korean conflict.
I know you have many sets in the works now but maybe in the future they could be considered. Thank you for all your fine work! Cappy

Re: Ww2 Chinese

I quite agree. There are numerous WW2 and Civil war sets that could be made
and there is a growing amount of literature in English covering these subjects giving us previously hard to discover information on battles and uniforms and equipment so I hope Strelets might think seriously about covering some of these armies.

Re: Ww2 Chinese

I would definitely buy Chinese troops, especially the communist forces. Give me a chance to make up some Curtis Kittyhawks as Flying Tigers.

Re: Ww2 Chinese

Well you're in luck because Caesar have already made a great set of WW2 Chinese:

Re: Ww2 Chinese

Sadly the Caeser set isn't that good. I bought some years ago since they were the only figures out there. The rifles were too thin and usually bent. I ended up throwing them away. With the fine sets Strelets are making now I would like to see them produce a new line in this range. Cappy

Re: Ww2 Chinese

Till now, only Caesar released WW2 Chinese soldiers, but they are a mixtures of Nationalist and Communist figures.

There are different types of WW2 Chinese soldiers which manufacturers can explore:

1. Chinese Nationalist Central Army 1937-1941 - Most of the soldiers were equipped with locally made Mauser rifles wearing soft cap or German M35 Helmets. During the Battle of Shanghai 1937,the German trained divisions were wearing the M35, which the Chinese imported more than 400,000.

2. Chinese Warlords - There were few former warlords who pledged their loyalty to the central Government. Most wore the similar uniforms, but some of those closer to Vietnam border wore the French helmets.

3. Chinese communist - Most communist soldiers wore similar uniforms with the Nationalist but different insignia on their cap. (Part of WW2 Caesar Soldiers)

4. Local Guerillas - Most wore civilian clothes.(Part of Caesar WW2 Chinese soldiers)

5. Chinese Nationalist Elite Forces 1942-1945 - At the later stage of the war, the Chinese nationalist elite force start to received US supplies like M1 helmets and submachine guns.

#1 is a better representation of WW2 Chinese in my opinion. It will be cool to see more WW2 Chinese soldiers with M35 helmets......

Re: Ww2 Chinese

While the Caesar set may have some merits trying to cover 1937-45 with a single set of figures for both Nationalist and Communist armies simply doesn`t do justice to the subject. Never mind the lack of heavy weapons such as mortars or Heavy machine guns in the set. As already mentioned room for at least 5 or even more Chinese sets from Strelets.

Re: Ww2 Chinese

I would buy at least several of each Chinese Interwar/WW2 sets.

Not only me. My friend from also.

Re: Ww2 Chinese

I am interested in more 1937-45 Chinese troops, too. Not sure they must be wearing the M35 helmet since these are so easy to find in 1/72 - alas with European faces under them

Re: Ww2 Chinese

Yes please I would buy a few????? boxes