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Re: Commands for British infantry at ease

New Prussians (I thought I saw Landwehr?) is good news, as is the news of more napoleonics in this concept with this sculptor. Strelets produces very quick and that is a very important issue for me, a custumore. As much as I want to buy from another well known company, they're having my sympathieke, and although I do know they're having a restart, the promised sets are on the future list for 5 or more years.
So: more French too in the not so far future!
I really hope Strelets will consider to make some more sets for the other big participants in this same concept with the same sculptor too. I'm thinking of Russians for the 1812 campaigns, Austrians too perhaps.
Not possible to create a big battle for the French invasion in Russia now, because their are no (good) Russians available!
Meanwhile I'm looking forward to the new Strelets napoleonics.